University of Oslo


The University of Oslo is a full-scale university with a very strong life sciences sector. UiO has areas of excellence in molecular mechanisms of disease (cancer, infection and inflammation, neurology) and discovery of drug targets, experience in translating discoveries into clinical  practise, and a national coordinating role in translational medicine through a Nordic EMBL partnership and the largest and most
significant organic chemistry and pharmacology activities nationally.

UiO hosts state of the art infrastructure for chemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology and medical research. UiO has established and continues to invest in a Chemical Biology platform as an interdisciplinary activity.

UiO is the founder of ChemBioNet Norway and the Scandinavian Chemical Biology Initiative and participates in the EUOPENSCREEN Steering Committee the European Chemical Biology Initiative. The UiO CB Platform is established with robotics and in vitro colorimetric, fluorescent, fluorescence polarization and alpha screen assays for in vitro and cell based screens. Furthermore, cell based assays for FLPR (Ca2+ and membrane potential) and HTS flow cytometry are in place. BiO has internal and external CB projects. UIO will use FACS based systems for monitoring  modulation of disease pathway specific molecular markers, expression of cell surface markers and selected intracellular phosphorylation events by phosphoflow analysis. The Task√©n group has  experience with EU projects as coordinator and partner.


PI contact:  Prof. Kjetil Tasken  kjetil.tasken (@)

                 Dr. Johannes Landskron  johannes.landskron (@)