Natural Products from Marine Fungi for the treatment of cancer


The MarineFungi consortium demonstrated the sustainable exploitation of marine natural resources providing appropriate culture conditions. New anti cancer compounds are now  characterised to the stage of in vivo proof of concept ready to enter further drug development. Read more about our approach and background by choosing the approriate section in the pull down menue on top of the page.

We developed the technological basis for a sustainable use of marine microbial products along the added-value chain from the marine habitat to the drug candidate and process concept. Find our publications.

The project MARINE FUNGI was from May 2011-April 2014. The consortium continues the work and will use this site to share results and insights and the development of marine biotechnology. See our partners in the PARTNER menue.

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ELRIG - call for poster submission


The poster submission process has started: 

All Poster Abstracts should be sent through to:


The submission should contain:

a) Poster Title

b) Abstract

c) Contact details – Name, company, Tel, Mobile, email addresss


When the submission is received, we send it over to the Scientfc Commitee/Session Chairs for approval. Once approved, the author will be asked to go to the ELRIG Website to register as a Poster Presenter. This means that the author can create a profle for themselves, add a photograph, Biog and the Abstract for their Poster.


You are very welcome to submit your poster or inform interested scientist from your network.