European Screening Port

The European ScreeningPort GmbH was founded in 2007 as

a public-private-partnership and provides scalable Drug Discovery

Services to the academic, biomedical research community.

The ESP operates its own state-of-the-art Hit Discovery centre in Hamburg, Germany. The three areas of activity are: Discovery Services; Application Centre Support; and Risk Sharing Discovery programs. Our business is built on the core competencies of our people, who have extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. In the Discovery Services business, the inputs are Translational research programs and targets from Academia. The outputs cover the range from tool compounds, through to validated hits suitable for progression to lead finding and pre-clinical studies. We work directly with national funding bodies and venture capital to secure project financing with the aim of creating assets of explicit value to potential Pharma partners.

The facilities at the ESP include assay development, screening, hit confirmation, selectivity, liability and efficacy profiling and compound handling functions. It is supported by a comprehensive bioinformatics and IT infrastructure to aid rapid decision making.

In the Application Centre business, the ESP gives Discovery Tools suppliers the opportunity to validate their novel assay or technology platforms using Pharmaceutical industry quality compound libraries and infrastructure. We maintain a competitive advantage by providing our customers early access to innovative assay formats and the Tools Providers can generate data for marketing purposes within a professional environment.

Risk Sharing Discovery programs are based on novel targets sourced from the Academic sector by ESP scientists. Typical projects involve 3 parties; with academics provide disease and target insight, the ESP know-how and access to infrastructure, and Investor groups providing financial backing for individual or portfolio projects. Programs cover several indication and target classes including CNS, CV and Cancer.


PI contact:  Dr. Philip Gribbon      philip.gribbon (@)

                 Dr. Bernhard Ellinger  bernhard.ellinger (@)